About us

Don’t pay for marketing. Pay for results.

Okygen was created out of the need to introduce a wide range of high quality products to all athletes and individuals who care about their health and sports performance. At Okygen, we believe everyone has the right to live life to its fullest, having access to the best sports and health products.

What set us apart from our competitors is the level of commitment and engagement we have throughout our products manufacturing process, covering everything from research and production, to testing and distribution.

We follow these stages closely, ensuring we are always in a position where we can make any necessary changes in time.It is this complete and utterly dedicated involvement that allows us to provide a high quality end product.
Our marketing and advertisement efforts come second to our investment in researching and developing our products. Our marketing campaigns may not be the best ones out there. But our products are!

Pharmaceutical quality and purity
Every day, we work with this thought in mind, aiming to develop a wide rage of pharmaceutical quality products. Our products are conceived based on the work carried out by several researchers within the fields and sports nutrition, sports medicine and health care.

This combined effort allows us to provide you with pharmaceutical quality products that were scientifically proven. Our facilities meet all the necessary criteria to obtain the international certificate of quality, namely in terms of hygiene, safety and technical skills.

Our performance standard is excellency, and we strive to fully satisfy our clients, who are the central focus of our model.We invest in education and knowledge
We declare a strong and permanent commitment to improve our clients’ quality of life, and to become more competitive.
We foster practices that value our staff, investing in their training and technical development. We follow their educational progress, maximizing our efficiency in the process.

Technological improvement
Excellency and responsibility are two words that define us.
We continuously invest in innovating and improving health and information technologies, with a special interest in investigating and developing new formulas, efforts that translate into producing high quality goods and services for the society.